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Vestrahorn is in the south-east part of Iceland, on the Stokksnes peninsula. You can easily reach it from the town Höfn, which is only an 18 minute drive away or a 90 minute bicycle ride. The last 4 km of the road is gravel, but you don’t need a 4x4 car unless there is heavy snow. Click the button below to get directions straight to our location.

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You can choose from three different hiking trails around Vestrahorn, each with its own charm and challenge. Whether you want to have a relaxing walk on the beach, explore a Viking village, or a challenging trek around the mountain in its entirety, there is something for everyone.

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You can get yourself familiar with the surroundings and hiking paths of Vestrahorn by using our map below. You also get a free pamphlet/map upon entering Vestrahorn, you can get a headstart (and save the environment) by downloading it here.

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Viking Cafe & Guesthouse

Buy your admission tickets here. Make sure to give Viking Cafe a visit on your journey through Vestrahorn or nest up at Viking Cafe Guesthouse.


Pitch your tent or camp our campervan at our camping site . Services include running water, WC and access to electricity.

Discover our campsite
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Parking for your car while you enjoy the landscape and nature at Vestrahorn. Admission fee is 1.000 kr. per person.

Viking village

In 2009 a film company built a Viking village set for a movie. Most of the materials used were driftwood from the beach and old telephone posts.

Discover our Viking village
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Photo spot

Great locations for photographing the majestic Vestrahorn mountain with black sandbeach in the foreground.

Seal spotting

You can often spot the heads of curious seals poking up at sea or sunbathing on the rocks.

Red path

Walk around Kirkjusandur and along Drápsbjörg, caution slippery when wet!

Distance: 5,1 km.
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Yellow path

An easy walk that takes you along the black sand beach and the Viking Village.

Distance: 5,5 km.
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Blue path

This is the most challenging trail that requires some hiking experience and good shoes.

Distance: 7,4 km.
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The world of Vestrahorn

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