Our Viking Village

Step Back in Time at the Viking Village Film Set

Have you ever wondered how Viking life was in Iceland? Do you want to experience the authentic atmosphere of a Viking settlement? If so, you are in for a treat!

The Viking Village is a unique attraction that lets you explore a replica of a Viking village, built as a film set for a movie that was never shot. You can walk around the wooden houses with grass roofs, see intricate carvings and decorations and truly get lost in the fascinating times of the Vikings of old.

The Viking village at a glance:

  • The Viking village was built in 2009 as a film set for a movie that was never filmed.
  • Most of the materials used when building the village were driftwood from the beach and old telephone posts.
  • Entrance to the Viking village is included in the Vestrahorn admittance fee.
  • The Viking village is located at the foot of Vestrahorn mountain which is in the south-east part of Iceland, on the Stokksnes peninsula. See more information on our Interactive Map of the area.
  • In 2022 we added a Viking ship to the lake near the Viking village.

Welcome to our Viking village

The Viking village is located on a stunning site at the foot of Vestrahorn, surrounded by dramatic landscapes and grasslands. You can enjoy the views of the ocean and the mountain, and take amazing photos of the scenery. You might even spot some wildlife, such as horses, birds or if you are lucky, the timid artic fox.

The Viking Village is open all year round, and you can visit it at your own pace. You just need to pay a small entrance fee (1.000 kr.) at the Viking Cafe, where you can also enjoy some delicious snacks and drinks. The Viking Cafe is run by the same family who owns the land and the village.

The Viking village film set finally fulfilled its purpose in 2021 when it was used as one of the shooting locations for the Netflix series The Witcher: Blood Origin. The magical atmosphere of both the Viking village and the whole Vestrahorn area are quite apparent throughout the series.

The Viking Village is a must-see attraction for anyone who loves history, culture, or nature. It is a great way to immerse yourself in the Viking era and have fun at the same time. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit one of the most unique places in Iceland!

One of the wooden houses in the Viking village

Our newly added Viking Ship

One of the newest additions to the Viking Village is a magnificent viking ship that floats proudly in the lake near the Village. The ship bears the name "DRAKAR" and is a replica of the famous Gokstad ship which was a longship that the Vikings used for trade, exploration, and warfare. The Gokstad ship was made around 890 AD and is now located in a museum in Norway. The ship has a wooden hull, a single mast and a head a dragon at the bow.

The Viking ship was built in 2007 in Brazil. It took several months to complete, and they paid attention to every detail. The ship was fully functional and seaworthy, and was briefly used in Brazil for cruises carrying up to 95 passengers.

It then was bought by a Viking enthusiast that hoped to operate tourist cruises from the Reykjavik harbor. Unfortunately that dream never got realized since it sank in the harbor in a big storm and lost its seaworthiness. But in its time in Reykjavík it payed a visit to the president of Iceland, all on its lonesome after drifting out of the harbor all the way to Bessastaðir.

After it was reclaimed from the sea, it was acquired by Vestrahorn. It was then transported by the Icelandic ring road and by sea to its final resting place. Finally after 15 year of an eventful journey it will now be fulfilling its purpose at the foot of Vestrahorn, letting Viking enthusiast step back in time to the Viking era.

You can admire the Viking ship from the outside, or you can climb aboard and explore it from the inside. Better yet, take your place at the helm and imagine yourself sailing across the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean.

The Viking ship is a great attraction for anyone who wants to learn more about the Viking maritime culture and technology. It is also a fun way to experience what it was like to be a Viking sailor or warrior.

What our guests love about our Viking Village

snow-covered Viking village

Share your Viking adventure

one of the turf roof houses within the Viking village

Important notice for visitors safety

The Viking village in Vestrahorn is a unique attraction that offers a glimpse into the life and culture of the ancient Viking people.

However, please be aware that the village was built as a film set and is not meant to be inhabited. The houses are not safe nor comfortable for visitors .

Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect the rules and do not enter any of the houses in the village. You can still enjoy the view and take photos from outside.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. As a consolation, we are happy to inform you that you are allowed to enter the Viking ship near the village.

View from inside the Viking village

The Viking Cafe

How does a warm cup of coffee sound after your Viking adventure? Then give us a visit at the Viking Cafe.

Discover our Cafe
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