Viking cafe

A place with a story to tell, from a small shed to a bustling cafe

Viking Cafe has come a long way since its humble beginnings 13 years ago as a small shed on the Stokksnes peninsula. Over the years, it has expanded its menu, space, and staff while retaining its charm and character.

A happy staff member serving a cup of coffee at an espresso machine

Viking Cafe elevates your experience with its friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere, amazing views, and rich, flavorful coffee. You can also enjoy an outdoor seating area that offers a breathtaking view of Vestrahorn mountain and the black sand beach.

Coffee and waffles are an important part of Icelandic culture and hospitality. It is a way to socialize with friends and family, and more importantly, to welcome guests. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Viking Cafe offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and culture of Iceland.

What we offer

At Viking Cafe, you’ll definitely find something to suit your taste and mood. Whether you’re craving a hot coffee, a cold beer, or a tasty bite to eat. You can enjoy a variety of coffee options all freshly brewed with our trusty espresso machine. Don’t miss our delicious food options, such as the Icelandic waffles, grilled panini, cakes, and pastries.

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Freshly brewed coffee
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Icelandic Waffles
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Grilled panini
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Cakes & pastries
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Hot chocolate
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The Icelandic “Vaffla”

The Icelandic waffle is a popular and delicious treat that has a long history and a special place in the hearts of Icelandic people. The waffle is thin, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and made up of six heart-shaped sections. It is usually served with whipped cream and jam, often made from rhubarb, one of the very few fruits that grows in abundance in Iceland. The waffle is a common sight in coffee houses, bakeries, and even street food stalls, and it is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

The recipe for the Icelandic waffle is simple and easy to make, using basic ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, baking powder, and salt. Some variations may include lemon juice, vanilla extract, or other flavorings. The batter is poured onto a hot waffle iron and baked until golden. The waffles are then served hot or cold, with toppings of your choice. Some people also like to add syrup, chocolate sauce, ice cream, or fresh fruits to their waffles.

The Icelandic waffle is more than just a snack, it is a symbol of the Icelandic hospitality and warmth. It is a way of welcoming guests, sharing stories, and celebrating life. It is a part of the Icelandic identity and its heritage. It is a taste of Iceland that you will never forget.

So, if you are planning to visit Iceland, don’t miss the chance to try our authentic Icelandic waffles. We are sure you won’t regret it.

Care to stay a while?

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